Bazisazan is the manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of children’s play products for homes, gardens and villas, parks, play centers and amusement parks. After reading the relevant product information, you can make your



purchase online from the online shop or contact us to have  a free consultation or to order  the products by phone.

Bazisazan’s Support and Consulting teams are ready to provide services Around the clock, 24/7, in person and online. Our experts will be by your side from A to Z of purchasing process to have a pleasant experience of communicating with Bazisazan.

DR Hoseyn Rezasoltani, manager of Bazisazan, Member of the specialized committee for business development of the National Commission of UNESCO in Iran and also consultant of child business and entertainment industry development


What is the narrative of Bazisazan?

Bazisazan is the answer to a need in the market. The need for happy children and the need for businesses to create happy moments for children, have been integrated to create Bazisazan. We have been with you for more than two decades in the field of equipping kindergartens, play centers and amusement parks, and also consultation  for you to start kid-oriented businesses, to create a suitable, colorful, attractive and modern atmosphere for children, and to generate beautiful moments for kids who are future assets.


Exemplary variety of products and services

By the unremitting efforts of our professional staff and the brilliant history of bazisazan’s manager, our services go far beyond other similar centers. We are at our customers’ service by providing a variety of facilities such as A to Z training of the foundation of specialized kids’ businesses, training child center managers for optimal management of these centers, consulting on how to hire and train customer clubs, consulting on the aspects of financial and services of children’s centers, online products sales  without intermediaries and fast response through various communication solutions. These are only some special services of Bazisazan..


What are the differences you’ll  feel?

Bazisazan is not just a simple play equipment store. The services and products are provided to help customers honestly and correctly. You will feel this difference in the first step by looking at our diverse products and services for different age levels. Moreover, our approach to communication and quick responses will also make you more satisfied with our services.

Bazisazan makes you smile contentedly through observing the principle of customer orientation and fairness, offering products at transparent prices, equipping children’s stores, kindergartens, playhouses, green spaces, parks and amusement parks, in addition to direct selling of play facilities for houses, gardens and villas.


The advantages of Bazisazan for its customers

By using Bazisazan’s various services and products, you’ll benefit a lot. Some of them include:  correct knowledge and information transfer, mental security for investment, proper advice for you without expectations of selling products to you, numerous events and discounts for best-selling products, direct selling without intermediaries, pricing to customers’ benefits and so on.


Long-Term Goals of Bazisazan

Our main purpose in bazisazan has been to help children develop their talents, by creating a safe environment for them to play and learn. to achieve this goal, we’ve used new methods and up-to-date facilities that have made customers satisfied so far.

We’ve always intended to gain customers trust before purchase and their satisfaction after it, and have been able to cope with this difficult task so far.

Bazisazan provides distinctive services for their customers by pursuing community-oriented goals behind their services, as well as benefiting from the current knowledge and experts experience in the field of child-oriented businesses. Bazisazan’s   effort and development don’t stop here. We are always trying to develop our services by following an educational-oriented, psychological look in accordance with the current world standards.


Looking for an honest communication? We are all ears!

Your support has always been a source of encouragement for the managers and staff of bazisazan. We listen to your comments, suggestions and criticisms eagerly so that we can get closer to what you desire and take stronger steps to meet the market’s needs.