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    Swing and Slide are considered as modern equipment of urban furniture in parks. Today, these types of swings and slides are made of different materials such as compact plastics and metal. in new types of such equipment, it is also possible to integrate swings, slides, towers and corridors in the integrative structure.

    Plastic swings and slides are made of polymers such as polyethylene, which are not damaged by light and extreme heat, and cause no skin allergies for children. In such a park or playground equipment design, due to the flexibility of plastic, high creativity is used and it is possible to produce custom designs. Bazisazan has produced and presented playground and park-oriented swings and slides for the customers, withholding the national standards of Iran and modern world standards.

    Body-building equipment for parksoutdoor gym

    Body-building equipment for parks or a park sport set is a set of public exercise equipment installed in parks. This set of park sports equipment is a favorite of teenagers, young people and adults, and makes mobility and bodybuilding movements possible for the general public at different ages and social levels. There are many types of park sports sets, most of which are made of metal; But in some parts and types, hard and soft plastic materials are also used.

    Some types of park exercise machines include: smith machine, spinner, space ski, muscle traction, upper and shoulder machine, massager, hoop, chest press, pull-up, parallel machine and front and rear park walker. Bazisazan produces all park fitness equipment in accordance with the national standard of Iran, and offers it to private and public recreation complexes, including parks.

    playhouse accessories

    A playhouse, toy house or children's playhouse is a temporary entertainment and care center for kids that provides a happy atmosphere for children to play and have fun. Children's playhouses are popular centers around the world, and can be created as a separate or affiliated unit.

    playhouse accessories have a great variety to bring about mobility and entertainment  for children. In Bazisazan shop, you can find all the equipment you need to set up or develop a toy house. Some of these include a large variety of: baby swings and slides, balance horses, ball pools, training stands for professions, letters and numbers, seesaws, air hockey and baby foam station.

    The selection of amusement park equipment is one of the most important aspects of establishing and developing these centers.
    Buzz Sazan produces various types of equipment and games for outdoor and indoor amusement parks.
    Some of these equipments are: Airwheels for children and adults, swing sets, all kinds of children's trains, Saba space ships, freight and electric cars, Merry Grand, mini bowling, inflatable slide, simulators, and ....
    Indoor amusement park equipment is usually used of kinds of amusement games, tournament games and ticket games. Indoor amusement park equipment is less dangerous to children and teens and its maintenance costs are much lower than outdoor amusement park equipment.
    Bazi Sazan Company designs and produces various types of indoor amusement park products and equipment. These equipment include: Awan Air Hockey, Bowling, Rotating and Crawler Swing, Trampoline, Children’s Games, Digital Games, Merry Grand, Electronic Games, Table Football, Inflatable slide, I play simulation, and ....



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